Mining - tunnel construction - opencast mining

HydroService has been developing and producing hydraulic cylinders for the mining, tunnelling and opencast mining branches for many years. Our cylinders are successfully used all over the world, above and below ground and ensure smooth and safe operations.


Thanks to the dust and pressure experienced in the mining industry, high demands are placed on the technology and equipment used.

Our hydraulic cylinders offer a high degree of reliability and can be used to secure the mining chamber in the mining area, for example. The application areas are many and varied.


We know your requirements for robustness, durability and reliability.  The cylinders must be able to withstand peak pressures of up to 1,000 bar. Special coatings protect against corrosion and impact. 


  • Stamp cylinders
  • Feed cylinders
  • Breaker cylinders
  • Tandem cylinders
  • Lifting cylinders
  • Crushing plant cylinders
  • Special and project-related cylinders
  • Large cylinders (up to 1200 mm in diameter and with lengths of up to 12 m)