Marine engineering

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders, we offer a comprehensive range of products for marine engineering and the offshore industry. The harsh and aggressive environment places a particular demand on the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.


The design of the cylinders takes into account any national, international or regional standards and regulations such as DIN, ASME, Hydraulic Steelwork DIN 19704, etc.

Certification is done using classification authorities such as GL, DNV, BV, etc.


Stability and uncompromising reliability are essential on the high seas to ensure safety and efficiency. Leading shipyards and ship chandlers place their trust in the decades of experience at HydroService.


  • Differential cylinders
  • Synchronous cylinders
  • Pulling cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Special and project-related cylinders
  • Large cylinders